Well-being at St  Timothy’s
  • Well-being is what we want for every member of our community.
  • Well-being is the ability to deal with life. To face life when things go wrong e.g disappointments, friendships, arguments etc. It is our ability to ‘bounce back’ and get on with living. It’s not holding on and being unable to move forwards.
  • Well-being connectedness to the classroom and the community.
  • Well-being children’s ability to learn.
What does it look like at our school?

When children enter our school, we observe them as they work and play with others. We monitor their ability to deal with situations when there is a problem. We give them opportunities to practice friendship skills by incorporating programs that teach these skills e.g. what does a friend say and do? What do they not say and do? What do we say if we would like to join the game?

We give them opportunities to role play situations and identify the words we could use if something is not right. All children will have squabbles- we just need to teach them that things can improve or there are things that they can do that would make a difference next time. This is something that is continually worked on year after year. Some years there could be a group of children who face difficulties, so therefore we put into place specialized programs that deal with the difficulties we are observing. 

The children have weekly social skills lessons where specific skills are taught and role-played so that they see what language and actions are needed in the situations. 

We have regular staff well-being meetings where any children that seem to be having difficulties are discussed and things are put into place to assist them and for the staff to monitor progress.

At the end of each year, we give children opportunities to select friends they would like to be with in the following year.
With our new prep enrolments, they are supported throughout their first year with a ‘buddy’ from year 5 or 6. This buddy is their contact before they start school, during their first days and will continue to support them throughout the year.

We have lunch time club each week. This is an opportunity for children to stay inside and play in a quieter environment. We have lego, board games, colouring in activities and craft.

Overall, we are very proud of the work we do to make our children feel that they are part of the St Tim’s community. We want them to enjoy their time here and to feel valued and responsible so that we all work together to make it a great place to be!