Learning Opportunities at St Timothy's 
Education in Faith
  • Class Masses and Prayer Services each term.        
  • Reflection days for Sacraments.                                                                
  • Family Masses ( third Saturday of Month)
  • Social Justice activities
  • Daily Morning meditation.

  • Literacy and Numeracy focus
  • Individual Differences Program which caters for children with specific needs.  
  • Reading Recovery Program which caters for children in Year 1 who need extra assistance with reading.
  • ERIK reading program which caters for children who  need further assistance.
  • Major and Minor Concerts- Drama/Music
  • Expos- Presentation of children's learning during and after school hours.
  • Camp - annually for children in Years 5 and 6.
  • Excursions. 
  • Kitchen Garden & Sustainability Programs
  • Artist in Schools Program: Children working with a variety of artists supported by funding from City of Whitehorse .
  • Grandparents & Special Guests,Footy Day, Italian Day,Book Week, Maths & Literacy & Science celebration days, 100 days of School (Prep students and Year 6 Buddies)
Mural created by F-6 Children (Artists in Schools)
Sporting Activities
  • School sports – held on a Sunday, usually at the end of term one. The members of the Sports Committee, the Parents and Frie
  • nds, the school staff and children work together to make it a fantastic community event.
  • Inter-school sports- children in years 4-6 participate in a variety of sports with other schools in our zone. This includes team sports such as football, netball, soccer, rounders, volleyball. It also involves track and fields events. Some children also take part in swimming competitions and round robins for soccer and basketball.
  • Swimming- Children from Prep to Year 4 participate in this program which takes place at the Nunawading pool during the last two weeks of term 4 each year.
  • 10 week Gymnastics/ Dance program alternating each year.
  • Sporting Schools Program- 3 X 4-week Program -Athletics, Basketball, Tennis etc
  • Hawks in Schools (AFL Program)
  • Walkathon
  • Netball after school and on Saturday organized by the parents.
  • Participation in local football and cricket teams.

Outside School Providers
  • Drama after school-private provider using our Performing Arts Centre
  • Karate after school with an external provider who uses our hall.
  • Private music lessons- singing, instruments, by an external provider at our school during school hours.
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